Laboratory Documents

20 January 2022

In this post, you can find all the laboratory documents that I had prepared for university courses.


  1. Electrical Circuits I (Marmara University EE2001)
  2. Electrical Circuits II (Marmara University EE2002)
  3. Discrete Mathmatics (Marmara University MATH2057)
  4. Physics Laboratory I (Marmara University PHYS1001)
  5. Physics Laboratory II (Marmara University PHYS1002)
  6. Electronics Devices and Circuit Theory (West Pomeranian University Of Technology)


20 Jan 2022: EE2001, EE2002, MATH2057, PHYS1001, PHYS1002, and ED&C files are added.

Electrical Circuits I

Electrical Circuits II

Discrete Mathematics

Physics Laboratory I

Physics Laboratory II

Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory

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